Traditional. Hand-crafted. 

Directly Imported.

Owners of the UK Market, Jeannette and Michael Browne in Covent Garden, London, UK

After years of building their own companies, Jeannette and Michael Browne merged the Welsh Cookie Company and The Scottish Tinker to form The UK Market. Almost 20 years later, while Jeannette and Michael travel the country to various Scottish, Welsh, and Celtic festivals and games, we're now bringing all your favorite products to you, but even easier.


Handmade Welsh Cookies

At The Welsh Cookie Company, we make every cookie by hand, using only the finest of ingredients and the same recipe our Grandmother brought from Wales in 1901. 


Imported Scottish Goods

Importing from the top jewelry suppliers and handmade leather makers out of Scotland, Ireland, England, and Wales, The Scottish Tinker has been bringing you the finest items from the 7 Celtic nations for over 20 years.